I highly recommend Banner Farms Equine Bodyworks. Both of my horses were adjusted today and worked right after. There was a noticeable difference. They were more willing and minor issues from both were either gone or improved.

Thank you - Kat Franks

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The absolutely incredible Alyson Banner from Banner Farms Equine Bodyworks came out three times over the week to help heal Tiko with PEMF. He had a lot of swelling in the area of this cut and throughout the entire leg (vet said suture abscess and minor cellulitis). Our boy is feeling SO much better after is sessions. xoxo - Johanna Shaw

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I suspect that the secret to Alyson's success is that it's not just a job for her.  She is passionate about animals and their comfort and wellness is of high priority to her.   And, as an experience horsewoman, she understands the little nuances in equine care that might be missed by someone book-taught who is strictly "clinical". - Doug House