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What are the benefits of equine PEMF therapy?


It doesn’t matter whether you put your horse to work at a ranch, rodeo, or racetrack, all horses can benefit from equine PEMF therapy.

Faster recovery times

PEMF therapy for horses accelerates healing and quick recovery from injuries, as well as faster recovery after a long day of work or a hard race. It’s used to heal bone fractures and repair cracked hooves. Regular use of electromagnetic therapy can improve recovery time for horses by as much as 70%.

Pain reduction

In addition to shortening recovery times, PEMF therapy also immediately relieves the symptoms of hard work and strain put on the body. Equine PEMF reduces pain, swelling, soreness, and fatigue in horses. It’s a non-invasive method of treating pain without the use of medication.

Improved performance

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves blood flow and cell function, which results in improved performance in horses. Equine PEMF improves speed, strength, endurance, and range of motion in horses.

Injury prevention

Another great advantage of PEMF therapy for horses is that you can actually use it to identify the areas where your horse is sore. This can help prevent injuries due to overuse or imbalances.

Longer careers

Maintenance makes everything last longer. This is true for cars, people, and horses. Maintaining a healthy horse ensures a longer career. Equine PEMF therapy promotes healthy cells and improves cell function.

Horses love PEMF therapy

The pulses help calm and soothe horses, and you can see instantly how much they enjoy the therapy treatments. It’s a safe and effective form of treatment that does not require sedation.

How does equine PEMF therapy work?


You’ve heard of deep tissue massage; you can think of PEMF therapy as a deep tissue massage for the cells. It works on the mitochondrial level. The electromagnetic pulses stimulate the cells, effectively charging the cells and promoting natural cellular regeneration and vigor.

PEMF therapy alternately engages and relaxes the cells in the body. The EMF pulses engage the cells, and the cells relax between pulses. The cells become more permeable during this process, which improves the cells’ ability to bring in oxygen and remove toxins.

A coil sends low-frequency EMFs in waves through the horse’s body. These EMF pulses are completely safe and non-invasive; there are now dangers, risks, or side effects with PEMF systems that are registered as wellness devices. All PEMF Complete devices are wellness devices.

Although the EMF pulses are generated by a PEMF machine, they mimic the natural electromagnetic fields that are found throughout nature. The earth sustains a constant electromagnetic field. PEMF therapy simply targets these frequencies to stimulate cellular function.

It can treat large areas of the body, or you can target specific areas that need extra focus. It’s completely safe and effective.

Equine PEMF therapy treatments take roughly 40 minutes to complete.


LMB CHADLILAC SEATS - Top photo is during treatment, Bottom photo is shows resting comfortably after treatment. 


CECE - Same hock 4 days apart 2 - 10 minute PEMF Treatments

ZEE FROSTY DOC -  Receiving PEMF treatment at Region 17 Champsionships

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